Residential Permits


Beaumont inspects and approves design and construction of new buildings and renovations to ensure they comply with all relevant acts, statutes and bylaws. If you are planning any new building, renovating a building or changing the use of a building or land, you will need a permit. 

If you are planning to construct a new building, alter an existing building or change the use of a property, you will need a development permit. A development permit ensures that your development is in conformance with district and development regulations under the Land Use Bylaw.

New Home Construction

Structural Additions

Structural additions, alterations or repairs to any existing buildings. These can include basement developments; skylights and sun rooms. Note, that a basement secondary suite has different requirements than basement development with no secondary suite. A permit is not required for painting, decorating, new siding, shingles, etc. For more information view the following documents and review Fees and Charges for costs:


Decks if any part of the floor is more than .6 meters (2 feet) above the ground.

Accessory Buildings - i.e. Detached Garage, Shed, Gazebo

Accessory buildings over 10 square metres (107.64 sq. ft) in floor area or smaller sheds if a foundation is constructed.

Corner Lot Fences

Corner lot fences that are 1.8m (6 ft) high. View the Fence Information Sheet for more information.

Fire Pits & BBQ Structures

Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools

Sidewalk Cafes

Other Development Projects that require permits

  • Change of use of a building (most common to a new business replacing an old business in a commercial building)
  • Operating a home based business
  • Towers, flag poles, aerials, masts over 4.5 meters (15 feet in height), satellite dishes over .5 meter (1.6 feet)
  • Retaining walls over 1 meter (3 feet high) are built (engineered drawings are also required)
  • Driveway extensions may require a permit. Please contact Beaumont's Administration Office for more information.


If your development will require a variance, you will need to fill out an additional variance permit application form.  See Fees and Charges for cost.

Architectural Controls & Landscaping Requirements

The architectural controls and landscaping requirements are set by the developer and not enforced by the City. Please contact your developer with any questions.

Encroachment on Municipal Roadways

Moving Containers/Refuse Bins/Landscaping Materials on Municipal Roadways