Prior to Beaumont reviewing a subdivision and redistricting application there must be a Council Approved Outline Plan or Area Structure Plan in place for the neighbourhood. Your subdivision application may be subject to the Off-Site Levy Bylaw.

Application Submission

Upon receiving a completed application, the Planning Division will circulate, evaluate, and make a recommendation regarding your proposal. For additional information view the Subdivision Application Package and Building Condominium Application Package.

Circulation of the Application

Subdivision applications are circulated to required government departments, adjacent landowners, and local authorities for their review and comments.

Recommendation & Decision

Following review, Planning staff will prepare a recommendation for use by the Municipal Planning Commission in rendering a decision on the proposed subdivision. The Municipal Planning Commission has 60 days from receipt of the application to render a decision.

If a decision cannot be rendered within this time frame, a subdivision application extension can be provided by the applicant. For more information visit the Municipal Planning Commission page.

Subdivision Approval Extension

The applicant may request an extension to the subdivision approval if the conditions are not satisfied within the required 1-year period.

Plan Endorsement

If a subdivision proposal has been approved, you have 1 year to meet the conditions of approval and submit a plan of subdivision to the Planning Division for endorsement.

The plan of subdivision will be reviewed to confirm compliance with the subdivision approval, and that all conditions that were imposed have been satisfied. Approval fees are required at this time.

Plan Registration

After endorsement, you have 1 year to register your final plan of subdivision with the Northern Alberta Land Titles Office