Subdivision is the legal division of a single parcel of land into two or more smaller parcels. By subdividing land, each parcel created is given a separate land title. Before being registered with Alberta Land Titles, each subdivision must receive subdivision approval and endorsement from the City’s Subdivision Approval Authority.

What Is The Process?

  1. Subdivision Application Process

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  1. Concurring Redistricting and Subdivision Applications
  2. Pre-Application Meeting
  3. Application Submission
  4. Circulation of the Application
  5.  Application Evaluation and Recommendation
  6. Subdivision Authority Meeting
  7. Subdivision Approval Extension
  8. Development Agreement
  9. Endorsement
  10. Plan Registration
  11. Addressing
  12. Caveat Postponement/Discharge Request

Concurrent Redistricting and Subdivision Applications

If you are planning on subdividing your land and are required to redistrict your land, both applications can be submitted at the same time. However, prior to receiving a decision on the  subdivision, City Council must approve the redistricting application.

Still Have Questions?

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Subdivision Fees can be found here.