2024 Budget

The annual budget allocates funding so that the city can deliver services to residents and build and maintain the infrastructure that maintains a high quality of life in Beaumont. This includes the roads that get people around; the system that brings water to your home; the police, fire and bylaw enforcement services that keep our community safe; the recreation facilities and programs that keep you active; along with all the other things that make Beaumont a great place to live.

2024 Budget Highlights

The approved 2024 budget (pdf) balances the pressures of the city’s rapid growth and inflation and supports targeted service and capital investments. 

Rising costs - particularly for fuel, utilities, and policing - have added to the overall expense of providing city services and maintaining facilities. The tax increase for 2024 reflects these pressures, previous Council decisions (including adding two new RCMP officers and enhancing customer service), and service enhancements, such as transit.

Capital expenses in 2024 include the maintenance, renewal, and replacement of existing city infrastructure, equipment, and facilities; preparation of a joint high school site located south of the West Recreation Site; as well as investments supporting parks, recreation, and the community’s heritage.

Service Enhancements and Projects

Beginning in spring 2024, transit service between Beaumont and the Mill Woods Transit Centre will be expanded with regular weekday trips every 40 minutes between 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Weekend service will also be added with regular trips every 40 minutes between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (A detailed schedule will be available prior to the service expansion.)

Other initiatives and projects supported by the 2024 budget include:

  • A position to consolidate and standardize city purchasing to enhance value for taxpayer dollars on major procurements
  • 10 new spaces for the Early Learning Child Care centre
  • Expanding the Beaumont Library’s collection, along with outreach, partnerships and new student page positions
  • Additional traffic safety measures, particularly at high priority crosswalks
  • More benches and garbage cans in parks
  • Determining costs for a cricket pitch and three single-hoop basketball courts, along with design work, site selection, and engagement with residents
  • Funding for the Beaumont and District Heritage Society to complete restoration of the St. Jacques Heritage House at 49 Street and 31 Avenue.

Homeowner Impact

The 2024 operating budget includes a municipal tax levy increase of 6.45 per cent. Utilities will increase about $14.89 per month for the typical homeowner, reflecting the cost of maintaining services and growth pressures. There are no changes to franchise fee rates for electricity or natural gas. 

Annual impact on a typical homeowner ($447,000 assessed value and annual utility of 204 cubic metres of water): 

20232024Annual ChangeMonthly Impact
Municipal Property Tax$3,033.95$3,229.64$195.69$16.31
Total Municipal Services
(Property Tax + Utilities