Event Promotion

Promote Banner

Planning an event in Beaumont for the public and need to get the word out? We can help.

The City of Beaumont offers a few ways local non-profit organizations can spread the word free of charge about their upcoming community events that:

  • Attract many visitors to Beaumont
  • Have received grants from the City of Beaumont
  • Benefit all the community

These services are available for events that are not:

  • Political or religious in nature
  • For business or financial gain
  • Discriminatory
  • Fundraising for an organization’s operations (such as youth groups or sports teams) except for charities

Please note that submissions may be refused, and promotion of events is subject to availability. Priority is given to City of Beaumont emergency announcements and operations that affect residents, as well as public health, safety, and security information from all levels of government and local officials.

  1. Electronic Message Board
  2. Online Community Calendar
  3. Tourism Promotion
  4. Local Newspaper

Electronic Message Board

Submit a message to be displayed on the electronic billboard at 50 Street and Township Road 510 where people driving into Beaumont can see it.

Here are requirements and some tips to make sure your message gets noticed:

  • Image submitted must be 320 x 160 pixels in a jpg or png format
  • Keep text of the message short and to the point
  • Use at least a 15-point font so the message is visible from the road
  • Avoid combining colours with low contrast, like a white font on a yellow background or vice versa
  • Include a web address for more information, if available