Water Meter Permits

  1. Summary
  2. Installation Requirement
  3. Standards & Guidelines
  4. Permit Process Updates
  5. Permit Application
  6. Booking Appointment

Water Meters

Water meters are important instruments used by Beaumont to track water consumption and charge an accurate rate of water usage. In order to do so effectively, these are the requirements expected by Beaumont for every water meter installation within the City’s jurisdiction.

Water Meter Installation

Water meter installation is recommended during the construction phase and must be completed prior to occupancy of the building.

  • Reminder: Any water consumption recorded on the water meter before the possession date will not be charged to the builder. It is considered construction water. The construction water charge the builder pays at the time of the building permit application covers this usage.

Water Meter Request Permit

A Water Meter Request Permit must be submitted prior to occupancy:

  • Thirty (30) days for Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-family installs
  • Fifteen (15) days for Single Family Residential, Condominiums, and Row/Townhouses

A Water Meter Request Permit must be completed and submitted to Beaumont Operations via email to WaterandWastewater@beaumont.ab.ca for approval prior to booking any appointment.

IMPORTANT: Water Meter(s) must be installed prior to requesting an Occupancy Inspection.