2022 Budget

2022 Budget Highlights

City Council approved a budget for 2022 that provides stability to maintain and sustain services to residents, responds to the community’s growth, continues progress on transformational projects for Beaumont, and supports a path for economic recovery as Alberta emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Budget process

The proposed 2022 budget was presented to City Council on November 9. Council submitted written questions regarding the budget and responses from Administration were posted publicly.

From December 1 to 7, Council held a series of four public meetings to deliberate the budget and vote on changes. The amended budget with Council’s changes was approved December 14.


The 2022 budget includes a tax levy increase of 2.4 per cent. This is due largely to the higher cost of the RCMP contract negotiated by the federal government, and targeted investments to support the safety, well-being and economic prosperity of the community.

Utility rates are proposed to increase about $10.03 per month for the typical homeowner, reflecting the cost of services, incorporating costs of stormwater drainage, increased costs from regional commissions, and allocations for replacement of utility infrastructure. There are no changes to franchise fees on electricity or natural gas.

Annual impact on a typical homeowner ($420,000 assessed value):

20212022Annual ChangeMonthly Change
Municipal Property Tax$3,011.08$3,084.55$73.47$6.12
Total Municipal Services
(Property Tax + Utilities)

Operating and Capital Expense Highlights

The total operating budget for 2022 is $59 million and the proposed capital budget is $9.8 million. Capital investments are targeted to improving city operations, replacement and renewal of city infrastructure (such as streets, equipment and facilities) and making Beaumont investment-ready.

Stabilize, Maintain and Sustain Services to Residents

  • Phased-in increase to community grants for the arts to meet the City’s policy for arts funding.
  • Supervisor for Community and Social Development to accommodate increased needs for social services and support the implementation of the Social Master Plan.
  • Renewal and replacement of City facilities, parks and playgrounds, equipment, technology, streets and other infrastructure. Projects include:
    • Replacement of the boarded rink at Bellevue School.
    • Upgrades to the Early Learning Child Care Centre and School Age Site.
    • Replacement of aging equipment at the RV Park.
    • Modifications to the RCMP building to improve the safety of members and support staff.

Respond to the Community’s Growth

  • Additional full-time firefighter to enhance fire prevention education for residents and accelerate training for volunteer firefighters.
  • Outdoor programmer to coordinate scheduling and programming of the city’s existing and new outdoor recreation sites, including the Four Seasons multi-use field and the West Recreation Site ball diamonds.
  • A cultural inclusion coordinator to support under-served residents and people with barriers to service, such as cultural background, language or other reasons.
  • Pilot a “Green Shack” program for outdoor youth recreation during the summer.

Continue Progress on Transformational Projects

  • Develop a digital strategic master plan to support the enhancement of online services for residents, development of an open data program, and improved use of data and analytics in City decision-making.
  • Adding a resource to support the planning and implementation of strategic initiatives, including the development of annexed lands in south Beaumont and the hosting of an ultra-high speed internet network.

Support Economic Recovery

  • Enable development of the Beaumont Innovation Park by conducting a design and engineering study for utility services and a corridor study for Highway 625 access requirements and intersection improvements.
  • Adding a resource to support the expansion and retention of investment and business development in Beaumont.
  • Installation of wayfinding signage to support tourism and enjoyment of the Beaumont’s parks and trail systems.
  • Conduct a review of land use planning, development, and engineering processes and performance to address issues such as timelines for service.