Outdoor Sport Field & Ball Diamond Conditions

This webpage will be updated regularly with playing conditions of our outdoor sport fields and ball diamonds. Please refer to the table below for detailed information and time of update.

Sport fields and ball diamonds can be closed due to inclement weather (heavy/prolonged rain), which can create unsafe playing conditions and severe damage to the playing surface(s). Even if a field is deemed as open, the condition of the playing surface may change after the status conditions have been updated. During heavy or prolonged rain, please discontinue play in order to reduce damage to the playing surface and increase risk of participant injury. 

Other weather conditions such as temperature, air quality, lightning storms and wind are at the discretion of the team officials, participants and/or the sport association's inclement weather protocol and/or guidelines.  

Outdoor Surface Status Reason Last Updated
Sport Fields (Soccer, Football) OPEN   Tuesday August 31, 2021 @ 2:00 PM
Ball Diamonds OPEN   Tuesday August 31, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

ONLY in the event field conditions change, will the field status changes be updated by: 4pm (Monday-Friday) and 10am (Weekends and Holidays).

Note: Teams playing before 10am on weekends and holidays should use their own discretion until the field status is updated.

Special Notices:

JUNE 1: -As of Monday June 14th, 2021, Four Seasons Ball Diamonds #4 and #5 will be offline for the remainder of the 2021 season due to construction work taking place.

Statuses Defined:

Open: Sport surface is open and in good playing condition.

User Discretion: Sport surface available for use, but is deemed slippery, poses potentially unsafe conditions and chance of damage. Use is not recommended, and is at the users/organizer (and league officials) discretion and risk.

Closed: The City of Beaumont has deemed that the conditions of the playing surface is unplayable, due to severe weather and/or increased probability of unsafe risk to participants and damage to the surface. Any scheduled bookings will be cancelled and rescheduled or refunded. User takes on full responsibility for any damages or risk involved if the sport surface is played on.