Council Meeting Notes

Stay up to date with council decisions and discussions with the City of Beaumont’s Council Notes. These informal recaps help residents catch up with council meetings in just a few minutes.

Please note these summaries are not an official record of council meetings. Official minutes are posted online once they are approved during a subsequent meeting.

Regular Council Meeting Notes

June 9, 2020

Clearwater Cemetery Study (3:02)

Council received a study of the Clearwater Cemetery that makes recommendations for the maintenance and long-term operation of the site, including future expansion. City administration is analyzing the recommendations and may bring some options for consideration in next year’s budget planning.

Beaumont Transit Service During COVID-19 (11:02)

Council agreed to continue the suspension of Beaumont Transit services until the third stage of the Alberta government re-launch strategy. Residents who need transportation out of the city have been able to access rides through a partnership with the City of Beaumont and Drive Happiness, a not-for-profit ride service.

Asset Management Grant Application (16:41)

Council approved a request by city administration to apply for a Federation of Canadian Municipalities grant to cover partial costs of road condition assessment. Funding for the project was approved in the 2020 budget, but the grant opportunity arose later in the year and required a resolution of council. 

Special Council Meeting Notes

June 16, 2020

Councillor meeting attendance during pandemic (0:32)

Council amended a March 13 motion that suspended personal attendance at regional and committee meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The change now allows councillors to attend the meetings at their discretion.

Committee of the Whole Meeting Notes

June 16, 2020

Performing Arts Centre Study (1:21)

Committee members reviewed a study examining the feasibility of building a performing arts centre in Beaumont. The study provided different options and cost estimates for the facility.

The committee directed administration to review the options in more detail for further discussion during a special Committee of the Whole meeting in July.

Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan (1:19:00)

The committee received an update on progress by an Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board task force developing a plan for services in the region. The plan will identify services that may be shared by municipalities, as well as coordinate planning and decisions regarding services among the region, such as water, waste water and stormwater, solid waste collection, and emergency services.

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