Council Meeting Notes

Stay up to date with council decisions and discussions with the City of Beaumont’s Council Notes. These informal recaps help residents catch up with council meetings in just a few minutes.

Please note these summaries are not an official record of council meetings. Official minutes are posted online once they are approved during a subsequent meeting.

Regular Council Meeting Notes

April 27, 2021

2020 Audit and Financial Statements (4:12)

Council received the City of Beaumont’s 2020 audit results, along with the 2020 audited financial statements.

50th Street Functional Planning Study (33:04)

Council received a report outlining a 2007 study of 50th Street and how subsequent planning documents, intermunicipal agreements and events since the study was completed will affect future use of the roadway.

La Rêve Area Structure Plan, Neighbourhood Structure Plan and Redistricting (55:32)

Council approved an Area Structure Plan, Neighbourhood Structure Plan and Redistricting for Le Rêve, located east of 50th Street and north of Township Road 510. The plans set out the general layout, planning and servicing framework for the area, located east of 50 Street and north of Township Road 510. The redistricting changes the land use of Le Rêve Southwest Neighbourhood from Agricultural Holdings district to Commercial and Integrated Neighbourhood Districts.

Property Tax and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaw (2:14:23)

Council approved a bylaw to establish the property tax rate for the year, reflecting an average municipal tax increase of 0.0 per cent. When provincial education and other taxes not set by Council are taken into consideration, a home in Beaumont valued at the average of approximately $420,000 will see an overall 2021 tax increase of 0.1 per cent, or $5.86 per year.

Arts Facility Steering Committee (2:45:50)

Council approved a motion by Coun. Sam Munckhof-Swain to establish a steering committee that would advise on planning for an arts facility. The committee will consist of up to 10 people including members of the public, experts in arts facility construction and city administration.

Small Business Support Grant (3:07:25)

Council approved a motion by Mayor John Stewart to establish a grant supporting small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and health restrictions. The grant will be administered in partnership with the Beaumont and the Leduc & Wetaskiwin Chambers of Commerce and provide funding to help businesses apply for assistance from provincial and federal programs.

Special Council Meeting Notes

April 20, 2021

2021 Budget Amendment (0:46)

Council approved amendments to the 2021 budget, including additional funding to complete a library expansion design study and a watershed study to determine work needed to improve natural drainage corridors in the west portion of land annexed by Beaumont. The changes had no impact on the city’s 2021 property tax levy.

Small Business Support Grant (41:03)

Council deferred a motion by Mayor John Stewart to establish a grant through the Leduc & Wetaskiwin Chamber of Commerce to help businesses access COVID-19 financial supports. The Mayor will consult with the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce on its ability to deliver the grant program before the item returns to council April 27 for a decision.

Committee of the Whole Meeting Notes

April 20, 2021

Snow and Ice Policy (1:52)

The committee reviewed a proposed policy for snow and ice control and referred it to council. The policy would establish service standards for ice and snow control on city roads, sidewalks and trails.

Land Management Policy (23:28)

Committee members reviewed a proposed policy regarding the management of land for the city and referred it to council. The policy would establish guidelines for acquiring and disposition of land for parks, facilities, public spaces, infrastructure, utilities and other purposes.

2020 Report to the Community (36:52)

Committee members reviewed a draft of the 2020 report to the community and suggested a printed version of the report be distributed to all residents. The report will be posted publicly after it is translated into French.

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