Council Meeting Notes

Stay up to date with council decisions and discussions with the City of Beaumont’s Council Notes. These informal recaps help residents catch up with council meetings in just a few minutes. Each item has a link to the corresponding discussion from the YouTube recording of the meeting livestream.

Please note these summaries are not an official record of council meetings. Official minutes are posted online once they are approved during a subsequent meeting.

Council Meeting Notes

January 24, 2023

Open Forum (6:09)

A resident expressed concerns about economic development incentives for developments.

Committee of the Whole Recommendation to Council re: Land Use Bylaw Our Zoning Blueprint Report (2:14) (Part 2)

Council approved a motion from Councillor Tessier directing Administration to prepare a report by August 2023 on options, implications and recommendations related to various items in the Land Use Bylaw, and to use $50,000 from the Planning Reserve to complete the report.

Consideration for Establishing a Municipally Controlled Corporation to Operate a Medical Clinic (26.19) (Part 2)

Council approved a motion from Councillor McCook directing Administration to prepare a report on the potential for the City of Beaumont to adopt the City of Cold Lake’s approach for establishing a local, municipally-owned medical clinic.

Financial Support for Regional Affordable Housing Initiative (42:30) (Part 2)

Council approved a motion from Councillor Barnhart directing that City of Beaumont contribute funding in the amount of $84,275, to be funded from the Financial Stabilization Reserve, for the purpose of supporting the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation’s proposed Gaetz 2 Affordable Housing Project.

Committee of the Whole Meeting Notes

January 17, 2023

Review of Council Committees (2:36)

Administration presented an overview of the scope and objectives for a review of Council Committees taking place in 2023. The Committee received the report for information.

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