Accounting Services Responsibilities

The Accounting Services Division is involved in almost every aspect of municipal activities. Consequently, Accounting Services is not only a busy division, but a complex one. Customer service plays a key role.

Providing Accounting Expertise

The Division provides accounting expertise, information, guidance and advice on day-to-day operational matters to internal customers (Department managers and staff) and external customers (ratepayers, suppliers, etc.).

Providing Full Disclosure About Financial Affairs

Staff provide accurate and full disclosure about the accounting affairs of the municipality as set out in the Local Government Act. This information includes:

Accounts Payable


Administering Various Legislation

The Division is responsible for the administration of various legislation, including, the Local Government Act, Assessment Act, School Tax Act, Workers Compensation Act, etc. The Division is active in the preparation and dissemination of information, providing both technical and accounting advice to the organization. Monthly reporting is provided by a team of dedicated staff who participate in related skill advancement sessions on an ongoing basis.

Developing and Implementing Financial Controls

The Division in addition to implementing financial controls that safeguard municipal assets (such as the collection and expenditure of funds) and preventing fraud and error, assists the Financial Services Division in the developing financial controls.


The Division is staffed by four accounting clerks and a supervisor, finance/payroll services.They are responsible for processing tax notices, bi-monthly utility payments, the payment of supplier invoices, payroll for approximately 180 full-time, part-time and casual staff and more.