Current Projects

From improving park and rec facilities to road work, the City of Beaumont undertakes a variety of construction projects to maintain and improve our city. View the pages below for up-to-date timelines and details on planned and ongoing construction, as well as road closures in your neighbourhood.

Beaumont Project Dashboard 2.0

We are excited to announce that our updated version of the Beaumont Project Dashboard (2.0) has been officially launched! This latest optimization of the dashboard was developed with direct feedback from residents. The dashboard aims to help provide open communication on the status of Council approved Capital and Renewal Projects that occur throughout our City. 

Note: Maintenance and operating related capital projects will be added throughout the year. 

New Features + Updates: 

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Updated the base map selector tool allowing you to make changes to the map view via the top right corner of the map
  • Updated pop-up functionality for users to see more information when viewing specific projects (currently a desktop only feature)
  • Search a Beaumont address using the search tool located in the top right corner of the map

To check the dashboard out, click the button below. We can't wait to continue optimizing this tool in the future!

Operational Maintenance

Each year Beaumont takes on capital projects that help maintain or improve the municipality’s infrastructure. Construction projects are budgeted for each year through Beaumont’s budget process. To view all operational maintenance project currently underway, click the button below.