Fitness Centre & Programs

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Fitness Centre

Closed for construction. A variety of fitness program offerings are running at the CCBCC during the closure.

Fitness Programs - Drop-in

Drop-in programs for current membership holders: Aqua fitness classes are no longer running as of December 31st, 2019 due to the closure of the BSRC. However, dryland group fitness classes are running at the CCBCC in 2020. Please refer to pages 16 and 17 of our Winter 2020 Activity Guide below for more information and details on our Drop-in fitness programs!

Fitness Programs - Registered

We also offer a wide variety of registered fitness programs each season so you can meet your fitness goals! You do not need a membership to register - simply sign up for the program and pay the course fee. Location of classes will vary between CCBCC and local school locations. Please refer to pages 16, 18 and 19 of our Winter 2020 Activity Guide for more information and details on our Registered fitness programs!

Check out our Fall 2019 Activity Guide online at

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