Grey Waste Cart Information

Any non-hazardous item that isn't compostable or recyclable probably belongs in your Grey Waste Cart. Examples include any products that are made of Styrofoam, plastic bags/film plastic and glass.

Remember, everything you put in your Grey Waste Cart goes directly to the landfill! Separate out your organics and recyclable items first. 

Bag Your Waste

Woman throwing away bagged waste
Loose items in your waste cart will likely result in litter when the automated truck tips your bin. Help prevent littering in your neighbourhood by bagging your waste before placing it in the Grey Waste Cart. 

Follow the Contractor's Collection Rules

There are several collection rules that apply to your Grey Waste Cart and your Green Organics Cart. Collection of your cart is not guaranteed if these rules aren't followed:
  1. Make sure the lids are completely closed on your carts when they are put curbside for collection. 
  2. Ensure there is adequate space around your cart for the truck to collect it. On a standard street, the minimum spacing required around your cart is at least 1m. In tight cul-de-sacs where the truck may not be able to turn as well, this spacing requirement may be greater. 
  3. Cart contents must not exceed 220 lbs.

Facts About Your Carts

  • The carts are the property of the City of Beaumont. They stay with the home where they are delivered and should never leave that address.
  • Carts should not be modified in any way, including adding a lock.
  • Replace damaged or stolen carts by calling 780-929-4300.


Glass items (such as jars and sauce bottles) currently cannot be recycled in Beaumont and therefore are considered waste. Glass drinking containers (pop, juice or beer bottles) can be returned to the bottle depot for a refund. 
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