header 2017 budget

  • The 2017 Budget was approved by Council on December 13, 2016, which included the 2017 Consolidated Operating Budget and the 2017 Capital Projects Budget, which was updated January 24, 2017 to reflect the purchased land for future municipal purposes.  
  • More information on the Budget can be found in the 2017 Workshop Binder which was presented to Council at their 2017 Budget Workshop, and forms the basis of the 2017 Budget.  Also attached are the 2017 Budget Boards presented at the two Budget Workshops held prior to approval at the 2017 Budget.
  • As part of the 2017 Budget Process, the 2017 Fees and Charges Bylaw was adopted. 
  • Council will hold its 2017 Spring Planning workshop, which is open to the public, on April 8, 2017 at which time the 2017 Municipal Mill Rate will be determined.