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Beaumont is the fastest-growing community in the region

The City of Beaumont is experiencing both the benefits and the challenges of transformational growth over the last decade. These exciting growth trends will create opportunities as well as continue to put pressure on City services. 

We want to actively plan for solutions and opportunities created by this pressure. And our first step is getting clear on citizens' priorities. 

Beaumont wants to engage with you to better understand the citizen’s priorities for City services. We also want to have a thoughtful discussion on how to deliver on these priorities. 

Join the conversation!

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You’ve already helped us define the plans that direct our future 

In the past few years, citizens have engaged on City policies, strategies, and master plans. We have learned that the citizens of Beaumont have an exciting vision and ideas for our future.Place to Grow Engagement at Brighten Up Beaumont

Now it’s time to figure out what’s most important to you!

City Council wants to learn what matters most to you. Take the opportunity to share your priorities and help us continue to make Beaumont A Place to Grow. Please complete the survey and  identify our collective aspirations.

What’s next?

Citizens will be invited to participate in a two-part engagement process. The first part will identify the ‘what’ – the services important to the community. The second part will focus on the ‘how’ —exploring various funding options to bring priorities to life. 

Phase 1: Affirming Priorities

December 2023 – Project launch at Brighten Up Beaumont
February 2024 – Online survey launches and conversations at the Family Day event 
March 2024 – Focused meetings with community groups
April 2024 – Reporting back, sharing the results with citizens

Phase 2: Exploring Ideas

Stay tuned for discussions as we explore how we can make the citizen-confirmed priorities a reality. 

How to Get Involved

We look forward to hearing from all of our citizens. Watch for us at events over the next months. We will  keep this page up to date with the latest information.

Contact us: engagement@beaumont.ab.ca

For additional background, please check out these supporting plans:

Building Our Tomorrow, Today - Council Strategic Plan 2022-2026
Our Complete Community - Municipal Development Plan 2019 (pdf)
Our Places and Play - Recreation, Parks, and Facilities Master Plan 2019 (pdf)
Our Connectivity - Transportation Master Plan 2020 (pdf)
Winter City Strategy 2022
Our Inclusivity – Social Master Plan 2019 (pdf)
Urban Agriculture Plan 2023
Our Environmental Management – Environmental Master Plan 2021-2026
Urban Forest Management Strategy 2021
Affordable Housing Strategy 2021
Age-Friendly Strategy 2021
Belonging in Beaumont: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Framework 2023