Elan 2 Neighbourhood Structure Plan

In November, the City of Beaumont held an open house (November 16) and online survey (November 16-30) to gather feedback and fine tune the details the permanent space for new high schools, parks and recreation space in Élan. This project includes obtaining the proper planning and development approvals to accommodate the development.

Earlier this year, the City along with the Black Gold School Division (BGSD), and St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division #38 confirmed their commitment to meet the pressing need for new high school space on a joint school site to serve 2,000 learners within the city limits. After considering a few options, the land south of the West Recreation site was chosen because it could be ready for school construction the soonest.

The public consultation was a step forward in the development process which is pending funding approval from the Government of Alberta. We are hopeful design work can take place concurrently to allow school construction to begin shortly after servicing is complete.

A summary of what we heard from the engagement events will be provided to the project team for consideration and to inform future decision making.

The slides below explain the proposed neighbourhood structure plan. 

Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 2
Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 3
Slide 4b
Slide 5b
Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 6
Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 8
Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 9b
Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 10b
Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 11
Elan Neighbourhood 2-Slide 12
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