New Resident Resources

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Welcome to Beaumont, a thriving, family-oriented and safe community of over 20,000 residents located 1.5 kilometers south of Edmonton. As a resident, you will enjoy 28 kilometers of beautiful pathways, excellent recreational facilities such as the Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre, a wonderful library, and safe neighbourhoods.

A Message from the Mayor

On behalf of your City Council, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Beaumont! As a new resident, we want to make your transition into our beautiful community as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Below are some resources you may find helpful with your transition into Beaumont. We take immense pride in our community and are delighted for you to be part of it. 

                       - Mayor Bill Daneluik               

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City services
Property taxes
Festivals and events

Additional Resources 

  1. Important Documents & Resources
  2. For Newcomers
  3. Low-Income Support
  4. Disability Resources
  5. Employment Services

Important Documents & Applications

  1. A Brief Overview of Bylaw Information in Beaumont (PDF)
  2. Move In Water/Sewer/Curbside Application
  3. Move Out Water and Sewer Application (PDF)
  4. Pet License Application (PDF)
  5. Pet License Information
  6. Transfer - Water and Sewer Application (PDF)
  7. Rental - Water and Sewer Application (PDF)
  8. Commercial Rental – Water and Sewer Application
  9. Encroachment Permits - Are you using moving containers to move into your new home? If they're placed on the road, you need to apply for an encroachment permit. Click here and scroll down to "Encroachment Permits" for more information.