Half-Masting Notice

The City of Beaumont will lower the flags at municipal facilities to half-mast on specific occasions to commemorate a solemn occasion. The lowering of the flags to half-mast is at the direction of: 

  • The Prime Minister’s Office acting through Canadian Heritage; 
  • The Premier’s Office acting through Alberta Protocol; or 
  • The Chief Administrative Officer, through this Directive. 

Flags will be flown at half-mast from the time of notification of death until sunset the day of the funeral or the memorial service of the following individuals: 

  • The Sovereign 
  • Member of the immediate Royal Family 
  • Governor General of Canada or former Governor General 
  • Prime Minister of Canada or former Prime Minister 
  • Lieutenant Governor of Alberta or former Lieutenant Governor 
  • Premier of Alberta or former Premier 
  • Member of Council (current) 

Flags will be flown at half-mast on the day of the funeral or the memorial service for the following individuals: 

  • Federal Cabinet Minister from Alberta 
  • Provincial (Alberta) Cabinet Minister 
  • A Member of the Legislative Assembly or Member of Parliament representing Beaumont 
  • A former City of Beaumont Member of Council 

Flags will be flown at half-mast to mark the following anniversaries or occasions: 

  • April 9, National Day of Remembrance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge 
  • April 28, National Day of Mourning (for those who have suffered and died in the workplace) 
  • June 23, National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism 
  • Last Sunday in September of each year, Police and Peace Officers National Memorial Day 
  • September 30, National Day of Truth & Reconciliation/Orange Shirt Day 
  • November 11, Remembrance Day 
  • December 6, National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 

*Flags may be flown at half-mast as a result of a significant event or circumstance.