Traffic Safety Bylaw Update

The City of Beaumont is updating the Traffic Safety Bylaw (TSB) to address traffic related safety issues. The attachment below summarizes the provisions of the bylaw by topic. This new bylaw will include provisions that are currently included in other existing City bylaws, such as Traffic Safety Bylaw, Idle-Free Bylaw, and Heavy Vehicle and Dangerous Goods Bylaw. If this Traffic Safety Bylaw is formally approved by Council, the older existing bylaws will become obsolete and be repealed. 

We need your feedback on the proposed bylaw!

As mentioned above, in autumn 2022, City Council is reviewing proposed changes to Beaumont's Traffic Safety Bylaw. The bylaw includes topics like the ATE (photo radar) program, dangerous goods and truck routes, RV parking, idling vehicles, speed limits, school/playground zones and more. 

From September 22 to October 14, fill out the survey and have your say so the City can better understand the needs and priorities of our community.

Click here for the comparison chart of what may change in the bylaw.