Summer Camps

City of Beaumont Youth Camps

Thank you for another great year of Summer Camps!

Half Day Camps

We are pleased to offer half day camps for younger kids. Watch here for upcoming camps.

  1. Watch for upcoming camps

Full Day Camps

These full day camps are perfect for older kids. Watch here for upcoming camps.

  1. Watch for upcoming camps

Camp Notes

  • For your child’s best experience, they must be fully toilet trained. Parents will be contacted by phone to attend to any changing needs.
  • Parents/ guardians are required to sign children in and out each day.
  • We request that lunches and snacks do not include peanut butter or nuts of any kind.
  • All classes begin and end at the times listed; our doors will open at the start time of each camp, and we will ensure programs end at the proper time as well. If there is before and after camp club, the doors will open at that specified time.
  • A parent will be contacted if they are later than 15 minutes after the program end time. 
  • Art and craft sessions may get messy, please ensure your child is dressed in craft friendly clothing. 
  • Please send your child to camp with: sunscreen, bug spray, a hat and a water bottle.
  • Clearly label you child’s belongings.
  • All electronic games and devices should be left at home.
  • If your child has an allergy, please ensure their epi pen is sent to camp with them; all of our staff is trained in first aid.
  • If your child is asthmatic, please ensure their inhaler is sent to camp with them.
  • Summer Programs Staff cannot administer medication; please ensure child is capable of administering their own medication if needed.
  • Any additional information will be supplied by Summer Programs Staff.

For more information please call (780) 929-7946 or register online at Click-It

What your child needs each day

  • For half day camps please send a nut free light snack for your child each day. Full day camps require two nut free snacks and a lunch for your child. 
  • Please send a water bottle for each child every day.
  • Please dress your child for indoor and outdoor activities and send sunscreen and bug repellent. 
  • Parents will need to complete all applicable forms.