Beaumont Water Quality Sampling Program

The City of Beaumont has put together a water sampling program to test the water of certain selected addresses throughout the City. We are testing and analyzing the water for common heavy metals that can leach out of household plumbing and fixtures. If you received a direct mailer about this initiative, your address has been selected. Selection is based on the age of each home/neighbourhood it resides in where fixtures and plumbing may be older. Cost for the water quality testing is covered by the City of Beaumont.

We have also put together a full list of resources and FAQs that can help you with your water quality in your home. You can also check out our Safe Drinking Water page for further information and details including how to flush your water system. 

If you were not selected for testing, but would like to learn more, please view the resources below. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at 780-929-4300 or by email at


June 1, 2021

  • We have received all water quality results from our lab. At this point, all results have been emailed or delivered to residents. If you have not received your results, contact us at or call 780-929-4300.

May 12, 2021

  • Scheduling for sampling has commenced. Please check your email for further instructions. If you have not been contacted, contact us at or call 780-929-4300.
  • For the safety of residents and the water/wastewater operators, all sampling kits will be disinfected prior to delivery and after sample pick-up.
  • Results will be emailed to residents within 2 weeks of receiving results from the lab.

April 23, 2021

  • We have reached our maximum capacity for new registrations. Any further registrations will be put on a wait list and contacted in the future should any spots open up.  
  • Please fill out the form HERE to register your address to participate in the sampling.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. FAQs
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Why does the City of Beaumont conduct water quality testing?

Potable water is produced by EPCOR in Edmonton and supplied to City of Beaumont. Routine water testing ensures that the quality of water is maintained at the highest standard while meeting provincial regulatory requirements.

Why is the City of Beaumont conducting water quality testing at my house?

Water quality testing occurs throughout the city regularly within the distribution system. While high quality of water is maintained within the distribution system, this program aims to survey the quality of water at the taps of citizen in Beaumont as household plumbing and service lines can change water characteristics. Your address has randomly been selected to participate in this sampling program and is completely voluntary. The City of Beaumont will cover the cost of the water quality test being done.

What water characteristics is this sampling program looking for?

This program will analyze water for common heavy metals that can leach out of household plumbing and fixtures, such as copper, zinc, iron and lead. Calcium and magnesium will also be measured as an indicator for water hardness.

Where do I pick up my sampling kit?

A city water operator will contact you via either email or phone call to set an appointment to drop off and pick up the sampling kit.

When do I sample my water?

A city water operator will explain when to conduct the sampling. A sample should be collected first thing in the morning before any water is used in the house. 

Can I get the results for the sample taken at my home?

Yes, once the water department receives results of your sample, you will be informed of your results within 14 days by email.

Water was accidentally used at home before the sample was taken, what do I do?

You may still take a sample although results may not truly reflect the water quality within your household plumbing. Please contact a city water operator by email to reschedule pick up of the sampling kit and further instructions. 

What do the results mean?

The results of the metals and minerals analysis are compared to the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Metals content in water are very low and are reported in milligrams per liter (mg/L). If there are any concerning results, a city water operator will follow-up with home occupants. Sampling results exceeding guideline limits may require further testing.

How can my neighbor participate in this sampling program?

A fixed number of locations for this program were randomly assigned with consideration given to location and age of dwelling. In the case that more samples are required, you may provide their address to a city water operator by email to be shortlisted. There is no guarantee that they will receive an opportunity for their water to be tested.