Family Violence Prevention 

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If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, call the 24-hour Family Violence Info Line toll-free at 310-1818 to get help anonymously in more than 170 languages. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

  Family Violence Prevention Awareness Event  

November is Family Violence Prevention Month. This month is not just a reminder of an issue that affects countless lives in our community, but an opportunity to be part of the change we all wish to see. We invite you to join our Family Violence Prevention Awareness event, where we’ll come together to spread awareness of the warning signs of family violence and promote the supports available in our community. 

WHO: All Beaumont residents are strongly encouraged to attend
WHEN: November 14, 6:30 - 8 p.m.
WHERE: Beaumont Library

What should I expect at the event?

Impactful Presentations: You will hear from professionals in the field, including Beaumont FCSS, RCMP, Rise Up Society Alberta, and Leduc & District Victim Services. Their insights will provide you with valuable information on identifying family violence, seeking help, and supporting survivors.

Clothesline Project: The Clothesline Project is a powerful symbol of strength and support. You'll have the opportunity to write a message on a purple shirt, which will then be hung on a clothesline outdoors. This visual display highlights the impact of violence and abuse, honours the resilience of survivors, and provides a beacon of hope for those presently facing violence.  

Purple Light Project: Participants will receive a purple light to display publicly throughout their homes and communities as a symbol of solidarity with victims of domestic violence. 

Food and Beverages: We will have a range of food and beverages available. From coffee and baked goods to charcuterie boards, there will be something for everyone to savor.

Join us on November 14 and be a part of the change we all wish to see. Together, we can build a safer, more supportive community for those experiencing family violence. RSVPs are encouraged, but drop-ins are welcome. Email to register. 

  1. Resources

Find the information you need to help identify, prevent, and resolve family violence. Share these documents with anyone you feel may need them. 

  1. 24-hour Family Violence Help Line and Online Chat

  2. Family Violence Prevention Resources

  3. List of Emergency Shelters

  4. Strategies for Safety

What is the Leduc and District Family Violence Prevention Team?

The Leduc and District Family Violence Prevention Team is a partnership of agencies covering Beaumont, Devon, Leduc, and Leduc County whose purpose is to provide education, awareness, and prevention initiatives around the region.
We currently offer a community based program, designed to help build relationships free from violence and abuse. This strength-based series is open to those who commit abusive acts as well as those who are the recipients. In addition, the group provides dollars towards one-on-one counselling sessions for children in these families.

The program runs twice a year for 13 weeks each. The counselling sessions are on an as-needed / as-available basis. Additionally, the group aims to provide education and awareness of family violence prevention through public events, partnerships with schools etc.

Both the counselling and the group sessions are referred via one of the partner FCSS agencies and are available to anyone. Victims of violence do not have to pay for the group sessions and counselling is available at little to no cost, depending on your individual circumstances. Costs for those who are charged with abuse are on a sliding scale.

For a confidential referral or more information contact your local FCSS office at:

Beaumont 780-929-1006
Devon 780-987-8325
Leduc 780-980-7109
Leduc County 780-979-2385