Planning Strategies & Guidelines

Alongside our statutory plans, the City of Beaumont has developed a variety of other plans and strategies to guide our city’s growth, operations and programming. Directional plans, which are the core of our planning framework, are described below. In the left menu, you can find more information on other plans that inform our work in more specific areas, including the Affordable Housing Strategy, the Age-Friendly Strategy, and the Winter City Strategy.

Directional Plans

The City’s directional plans build on Our Beaumont: Municipal Development Plan, which is a statutory plan establishing land-use policies for future growth in the entire municipality, as required by the Municipal Government Act.  Each directional plan below addresses a specific element of Beaumont’s development, providing more detail and specific recommendations in each area. 

Adopted Plans

  1. Council Strategic Plan 2022-2026
  2. Our Complete Community: Municipal Development Plan
  3. Our Connectivity: Transportation Master Plan
  4. Our Inclusivity: Social Master Plan
  5. Our Places and Play: Recreation, Parks and Facilities Master Plan
  6. Environmental Master Plan

The Strategic Plan sets out Council’s priorities and direction for the current term of Council.