Weed Maintenance in Beaumont

Weeds are non-native plants that spread easily, aggressively, and may displace or alter native plants. As per the Alberta Weed Control Act, municipalities are required to control the spread of noxious weeds. The City of Beaumont works diligently to control noxious weeds, ensuring the safety of other plant species in surrounding areas.  

The City of Beaumont will be conducting weed inspection from May 2020 to the end of this year’s weed growing season. We urge residents and property owners to be proactive about weed control. Please be vigilant about weed growth on your property and help control the spread of weeds before it spreads to neighbouring property. 

If you notice that weeds are growing in your lawn or garden, here are the measures you can take to control weed spread

Don’t be Deceived, it Could be a Weed!

Weeds in Alberta are regulated into two groups:

  1. Prohibited noxious: These weeds are highly invasive, cause damage to the crops and destroy the whole ecosystem. This  must be eradicated by killing off the plant’s reproductive and growing parts.  
  2. Noxious: These weeds must be controlled by preventing their spread and are too numerous to be eradicated. 

An additional, non-regulated category is called “nuisance weeds.” The most common nuisance weed  is the Dandelion. Properties infested with this weed, along with tall grasses could still be cited as unsightly by the City of Beaumont if these vegetation is over 6 inches tall. 

Learn more about how to identify weed species. 

Controlling the Spread of Weeds

Noxious and Restricted Weed Control Notice

Weeds designated as noxious or restricted by Provincial legislation will be controlled as required. The threshold for noxious weeds is zero.

Throughout June, July, August, and September spraying (weather dependent and may take a couple of days to complete) will be done in Beaumont for noxious and restricted weeds. Broadleaf weeds will be sprayed in August and September as per the Beaumont Integrated Pest Management Policy.

Signs will be posted in the affected areas 24 hours prior to application and 48 hours following application. The PCP number of the substance used will be posted on the notification signs.

Learn more about Beaumont’s weed and pest spraying program.

For more information:

Contact us by phone at 780-929-8782. If you have concerns about weeds at a property, please visit our Weeds and Unsightly Property Program webpage for details on the bylaw and what you can do.