Quick-Trench Program

This program allows an approved contractor to complete installation of the water, sewer, and storm services without requiring Beaumont Water & Wastewater Operator to be present. The contractor will submit completed inspection reports with attached pictures to Beaumont Water and Wastewater for review, within three (3) business days of connection being completed.

  1. Program Eligibility
  2. Quick-Trench Application Form
  3. Report Requirements
  4. Approved Contractors

Process to become a Beaumont Approved Quick-Trench Contractor 

Step 1:

Complete Section 1 of the Quick-Trench Application Form and submit.

Step 2:  

After Public Works receives Quick-Trench form, the Contractor must complete: 

  • five (5) satisfactory Water & Sewer Inspections
  • five (5) satisfactory Storm Inspections

Reminder: Only inspections after the implementation of this new program will be eligible for qualification to this program.

Step 3: 

A Beaumont Water and Wastewater Operator will set up a Quick-Trench Orientation meeting with the Contractor.  

  • discuss reporting requirements
  • how to complete inspection forms
  • deadlines to submit
  • and, all requirements to maintain the "Approved" Beaumont Quick-Trench status

Step 4:

A Beaumont Water and Wastewater Operator will attend two (2) service connection permit requests site inspections..  Both Beaumont and the Contractor will complete the inspection together, producing their own reports to ensure quality control and reporting submission compliance.  

Step 5:     

If Contractor passes all sections, approval will be given.


  1. Installation specifications will comply with Service Connection & Inspection Guidelines
  2. All connections must be done in a safe manner that is in accordance to OH&S Regulation and Code, including use of safety boots, hard hats (section 234), and proper shoring or cut back trenches (sections 446(2) and 446(3)). Failure to comply with these regulations or other safety concerns may result in Contractor being removed from the program.
  3. Beaumont Water and Wastewater retains the right to unrestricted access to worksite to ensure compliance.
  4. If the approved Quick-Trench contractor provides Beaumont permission, a current list of approved Quick-Trench Contractors will be posted on this webpage. 
  5. If a Contractor is removed from the Quick-Trench program, they will need to start the application process from the beginning (including five more satisfactory inspections and a second meeting with Beaumont) to regain "Approval" status.