Water, Sewer and Storm Utilities Locate Request

Buried utility lines can be potentially dangerous and costly to repair if damaged during any project that requires ground disturbance. This is why you must first formally submit a request to all operators of utilities to locate all buried lines - gas, electricity, fibre optic, water and sewer, etc.--in the area where the ground disturbance will be occurring.

From making post holes for a fence, digging a basement, planting a tree, to replacing an old utility line, respecting the markings the utilities operators have made for you to identify the locations of utility lines will help you plan and complete your project safely and to avoid damaging these assets.
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Utility Locates

Franchise (shallow) utilities are not the responsibility of Beaumont, below we have provided links to some franchise utilities in our area:

Beaumont Locate Request Process

  1. Summary
  2. Before Submitting Request
  3. Request Locate Online
  4. After Locate Request Submitted

“Before excavating activities actually begin, the location of buried facilities that may be encountered during digging must be located.”  Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code 2009, Explanation Guide.

For emergency requests during regular business hours (8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday) call 780-929-4306. 
For an after-hours emergency, requests call 780-955-7778.

The request to have buried utilities identified and marked prior to excavation is called a Locate Request.

Please refer to the Alberta Occupation Health & Safety Code and Explanation Guide for legislation regarding ground disturbance.

The City of Beaumont is not a member of Alberta One Call. Utility locates requests for water, sewer and storm services in the City of Beaumont must be submitted directly to the City by completing the online Locate Request Form. *Reminder this locate request is for Water, Sewer, and Storm locates only, on City of Beaumont property.* You must contact Alberta One Call to request locates for utilities such as gas, power and fibre optic lines. To locate other utilities on private property, please contact a third party company.