Trail and Sidewalk Snow Plowing

As snow accumulates on Beaumont’s trails and sidewalks, we begin plowing by prioritizing pedestrian safety, business areas, education facilities, and recreation facilities.  

Trails and sidewalks will be cleared to a “snow free surface”.  Wide trails and sidewalks will be plowed in “one pass” after snow fall to allow users a “snow free surface”.  Once all trails and sidewalks are given “one pass”, we will widen trails to edges using the service level priorities. 

There are two (2) service level priorities for plowing trails and sidewalks owned by Beaumont and not the responsibility of the adjacent homeowner to clear:

PriorityTrails and SidewalksSnow Conditions and Timeframe
1Designated locations on mapWithin 24 hours after 5 cm of snow fall or equivalent snow drift
2Designated locations on mapAfter Priority 1 is completed

We do not use sand or melting agents on trails and sidewalks.  Why we don't introduce salt or melting agents on trails or sidewalks:

  • introducing salt onto our trail/sidewalk network could be harmful to children and animals
  • introducing salt onto our trail/sidewalk network will reduce the lifespan of the sidewalk/trail as the salt will erode away at the exposed concrete/asphalt over time
  • a ‘muddy’ surface is created as the sand mixes with melting ice from the salt
  • salt may get pushed to the edges of the trail or sidewalk and may kill grass

Rock chips are used if trails and sidewalks become hazardous due to freezing rain or other such weather conditions.

Clearing Sidewalks & Around Fire Hydrants


Residents are responsible for clearing their adjoining sidewalks, and for clearing space around fire hydrants. 

  • Remove and clear away all snow greater than 2 cm in depth, dirt, or other obstruction within 48 hours of the time deposited on the sidewalk
  • Remove or sand any ice to the extent that walking is safe
  • Ensure a 1.5 meter clearing around all hydrants