Winter Tips for Property Owners

Attention Property Owners - Keep our Sidewalks Safe!

Shovel Snow

As we prepare for another winter season, it's time to remind all property owners in Beaumont of their responsibility to shovel sidewalks adjacent to their property. If you have a fire hydrant, storm drain, or pedestrian-access ramp bordering your lot, it is also your responsibility to remove snow around these areas to prevent street flooding and ice build-up. 

Violation of the snow removal Bylaw # 477-97 (Sec 3) will result in the City of Beaumont causing the walks to be cleared and/or sanded, and all costs will be charged to the owner or occupier of the premises, for more information view bylaw 477-97, Snow Removal (PDF)

Tips For Homeowners Regarding Snow Clearing

Clearing Your Driveway

Please do not place snow on or across the road when clearing your driveway, for more information view bylaw 477-97, Snow Removal (PDF).

Clear Your Sidewalk

Please clear the sidewalk adjacent to your home of snow within 48 hours of 2 centimetres of snow accumulation. This keeps sidewalks safe for all pedestrians, for more information view bylaw 477-97, Snow Removal (PDF).

Clearing The Roadways

The Municipality of Beaumont winter maintenance crews are trained and ready to make the roadways of Beaumont safe. Please do not use your own equipment to clear the roadway. Operations staff will be on your road as soon as the priorities and weather conditions allow.

Driveway Ramp Removal for Winter Road Maintenance

Failure to remove these ramps will result in the Operations Facility removing them. Snow clearing becomes difficult with the ramps in place and they can cause significant damage to the equipment.