All properties within Beaumont are billed for water and sewer and residential properties (excluding multi-family properties, rental buildings) are billed for curbside garbage, organics and recycling collection on a bi-monthly basis, every January, March, May, July, September and November, by the City.  As Beaumont does not provide natural gas or electricity services, property owners will need to set up separate accounts with a third party provider to access these services. Please note that only Titled Owners of a property can setup and hold utility accounts. We also offer a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Utility Fees

Your bi-monthly utility bill is comprised of the following fees and charges, which can be found in the Beaumont’s Fees and Charges Bylaw:

  • Water – flat meter rate (dependent on the size of your water meter) plus a variable fee based on consumption; 

  • Sewer Treatment – a flat fee plus a variable fee based on your water consumption; and 

  • Curbside collection – a flat fee.

In addition, if you have an E-coder water meter your bill may display a message relating to a possible leak.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that utility account payment deadlines are met in order to avoid penalties. If you have not received your utility invoice, contact Beaumont's Administration Office to obtain a copy. The current penalty is 2.6%, which is applied the next business day after the Due Date identified on the utility bill. If the account remains outstanding more than 90 days the owner will receive a letter notifying them the account is overdue.  The letter will indicate when the FULL balance plus a $25.00 fee will be transferred to the property tax.

Rental Properties

  • With the steady increase in the number of rental properties in Beaumont, the City has changed its procedure regarding utility accounts for both residential and business rentals as follows:
  • The utility account must be in the property owner’s name. 
  • Tenants’ names will be removed from utility accounts.
  • If requested, Beaumont will mail a copy of the utility bill to the service address under the owner’s name with “and Tenant” following the owner’s name. Fill out the form to have a copy mailed to the tenant or contact the Utility Department 780-929-1351.
  • Any account issues are the responsibility of the property owner.

The changes mean there will not be any adjustment billing when tenants move in or out.

Other Utility Regulations

In addition to the above fees and charges, there are additional regulations, which have been established by Beaumont with regards to operating its water and wastewater operations. This information can be found in the Beaumont's Sewer and Water Bylaws. We also offer a number of Water Conservation Tips.