Weed & Pest Spraying Program

Beaumont is committed to maintaining safe and healthy urban environments. Since controlling weeds and harmful pests is important for ensuring the enjoyment and sustainability of our park spaces and trees, we have reintroduced the application of herbicides and pesticides for periodic use in problem areas. 

Noxious and Restricted Weed Control Notice

Weeds designated as noxious or restricted by Provincial legislation will be controlled as required. The threshold for Noxious Weeds is zero.

Throughout June, July, August, and September spraying (weather dependent and may take a couple of days to complete) will be done in Beaumont for noxious and restricted weeds. Broadleaf weeds will be sprayed in August and September as per the Beaumont Integrated Pest Management Policy.

Signs will be posted in the affected areas 24 hours prior to application and 48 hours following application. The PCP number of the substance used will be posted on the notification signs.

Information on the types of pesticide being applied under the pest application agreement is available through the Beaumont Parks and Facilities area at 780-929-4300.

For more information:

Email us or phone us at 780-929-4300.

Spraying Technique

Green spaces in Beaumont suffer from very high concentrations of broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions. We spray the spruce trees to control the spread and destruction caused by the yellow-headed spruce sawfly.

Spraying will not take place within 30 meters of a playground or daycare, or in the flood zone surrounding any water body or waterway, including Storm Water Management Facilities.

Signs will be placed around the proposed spraying area a minimum of 24 hours prior to spraying and 48 hours after spraying.

Additional Resources

For more information, check out the FAQ document (PDF).