Youth Programs and Support

Beaumont FCSS provides primary prevention by integrating mental health youth programming through schools, the Chantal Berube Youth Center (CBYC), workshops, Asset Building events and community referrals. These programs, events and referrals promote positive mental health in youth and families in the communities.

For more information on youth and family services, contact the Youth Services Community Development Coordinator at 780-929-1006. 

Additional Youth Programming and Services: High School Mentorship Program, Beaumont Youth Council, Parent Connect Workshops, Young Adult Wellness Nights, Summer Youth Workshops, Solution Focused free one-to-one youth counselling and support. Contact the Youth Services Community Development Coordinator at 780-929-1006. 

Asset Building and Community Development: The City of Beaumont has adopted the 40 Developmental Assets as a community development tool to help our town’s young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible. It is the framework of the 40 Developmental Assets that FCSS uses to put on events and programs such as Movie in the Park. Movie in the Park focuses on themes such as unique inner strengths, peaceful conflict resolution, a sense of purpose and empowerment - all values outlined in the 40 Developmental Assets, and all values that FCSS, CBYC and the City of Beaumont work to instill in our young people.