Compliance Certificates

A Compliance Certificate is issued by the City of Beaumont, confirming that all structures located on a property meet the setback regulations and restrictions of the City’s Land Use Bylaw and that any required permits have been applied for, approved and issued. Types of structures include (but are not limited to) houses, decks, sheds, driveway extensions, hot tubs, detached garages, retaining walls, etc.

Compliance Certificates are often requested in connection with property sales. Lenders or buyers want to know if the structures on the property conform to bylaw or if a compliance or other encroachment problem exists.

If a "non-conformance" is discovered, the City will describe it on the certificate. Landowners may need to fix the issue. Contact the Development department at the earliest opportunity to discuss corrective measures.

How do I apply for a Compliance Certificate?

To request a Compliance Certificate, you'll need to submit a:

The City will only accept the originally stamped Real Property Report you receive from your surveyor. Photocopies, pictures, print-outs, faxes, scans or otherwise altered Real Property Reports will not be accepted. Contact your surveyor for a digital PDF version of your Real Property Report.

Email both documents to Staff will contact you to arrange payment.

The cost of a Compliance Certificate is: (Effective January 1, 2023)

 Regular Service (Residential)
 7 to 10 business days
 Rush Service (Residential)
 3 business days