Environmental Master Plan

The Environmental Master Plan is a strategic plan that will guide progress towards environmental sustainability over a number of years. 

The City of Beaumont is conducting a regular review and update to the City’s Environmental Master Plan (EMP), approved in 2013. The EMP is a strategic plan that promotes an integrated approach to environmental sustainability, where different departments within the City of Beaumont and the community at large will efficiently work together to realize practical and demonstrate positive environmental impacts. The EMP will include a number of targeted ‘focus areas’ – such as air, ecosystems, energy, land development, waste, and water – through which environmental progress will be made.

Recognizing the number of different approaches that an organization can take to protect the environment, the planning process will explore how the EMP could promote alignment with other City plans, create new policies and bylaws, develop new programs aimed at specific environmental functions, and test new environmental technologies through pilot processes. 

The review and update of the EMP will be accomplished through a multi-phase process. In the first phase of engagement, participants will be invited to identify environmental priorities, potential or existing barriers to their achievement, preferred approaches, and potential initiatives to explore. 

Public Engagement

Phase 1 of public engagement has concluded as of November 30, 2020. We would like to extend a thank you to all those who participated and provided feedback on this vital issue. 

View the phase 1 What We Heard Report here.

There will be future opportunities to participate in the second phase of engagement – anticipated spring 2021. Here, we will ask participants to review the newly-drafted EMP, see how their ideas were integrated, and provide feedback on ways the Plan could be improved further. In the interim, please continue to follow project updates on this page and on the City of Beaumont’s social media accounts.

Quick Links:
To access the current Environmental Master Plan: https://www.beaumont.ab.ca/DocumentCenter/View/75/Environmental-Master-Plan-Final-PDF