Environmental Master Plan

Keep It Green Beaumont

Beaumont is excited to present the approved version of our very first Environmental Master Plan (EMP), entitled Keep It Green Beaumont!

The reason Beaumont created an EMP is to assist with promoting an integrated approach to
sustainability, and making sure the approach is efficient and practical. The EMP looks at both
the operations of the City and overall community issues related to Beaumont's environmental impact.
The EMP helps support Council's decision-making process by identifying ways they can incorporate a
triple-bottom-line approach to ensure that the environment, finance, and social considerations are
considered as a part of decision-making in all areas.

Council will be looking for direction from residents and businesses to help set priorities and
implementation steps for Beaumont's EMP moving forward. There will be many opportunities to participate
in the process of implementation and measurement of Beaumont's EMP and Council hopes that all residents
will continue to be involved in this process.

Key Ares of Concern

In the Keep It Green Beaumont Plan, 7 key areas arose of most concern to Beaumont residents. These were:
  • Air Quality
  • Energy Use
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)
  • Land Use
  • Sense of Community
  • Waste Management
  • Water/Wastewater
Key programs and initiatives are outlined for each of these key areas in the document. This will assist Council and Administration in providing for future capital and operating projects that will contribute
to the enhancement of the triple-bottom-line improvement in Beaumont.

Not only does this document serve as a guide for Council and Administration moving forward,
there are a number of initiatives outlined that residents, businesses and community groups can partake
to help contribute to the environmental and financial sustainability of Beaumont.

Public Consultation

Two public open houses to discuss the draft EMP were held on Wednesday June 5, 2013. Surveys were also mailed to residents in their bimonthly utility bills and focus group sessions were held with local students and interested residents to help draft this document. The final draft was approved by Council on October 8, 2013.

Related Reports

The Baseline Report outlines what was and is currently happening in Beaumont around the environment as of 2012.

Environmental Master Plan Process

A yearly update will be created to provide residents, staff and Council on the various initiatives suggested in the plan. This plan will also be used to prioritize future capital and operating projects that contribute to the environmental and financial sustainability of Beaumont moving forward.

Interesting Facts

A carbon footprint represents the amount of carbon emitted to fuel a person’s activities. This tool calculates how much carbon your lifestyle produces each year (National Geographic).