Signup for Waste Collection

New to Beaumont? Sign up for waste collection!

If you do not have carts at your new residence or have carts at your residence but have just moved to Beaumont, please fill out a Water and Sewer Application Form to sign up for waste collection service. Once we have received your form, our staff will order your carts immediately if they are not already present at your home.

  • Waste carts are delivered on your area's next available collection day.
  • Typically, carts are delivered within 1 week.
  • To avoid delays, we recommend signing up for waste collection service in advance
  • If you have signed up for waste collection service and still have yet to receive your cart(s) after 1 week, please call us at 780-929-4306.

Included Materials

  • Organics - All food and yard waste, and many items made from natural materials
  • Recyclables - Clean rigid (hard) plastic containers, tin/aluminum cans and plates, paper, newspaper and cardboard
  • Waste - Any household items that aren't organics or can't be recycled

Do not put household hazardous waste or e-waste in your carts. Safely dispose of them at the Leduc and District Waste Management Facility. For a detailed sorting list download the app or use the sorting widget .