Blue Bag Recycling

Preparing Recyclables for Your Blue Bag

Example of a Blue Recycling Bag with Recyclables inside
  • Place material loose in the blue bag
  • All items must be clean
  • Fold tin can lids inside the can if the lid is still attached, or place detached lids inside the can. Never recycle a loose, sharp lid because of the safety risk to sorting staff
  • Remove lids from plastic containers and place in waste cart
  • No glass
  • No Styrofoam
  • No plastic film such as plastic bags

Preparing Cardboard Boxes

  • Break down all boxes so they are flat
  • Cut up larger boxes to less than 3 feet in length
  • Place prepared cardboard boxes under your blue bag


Items made from more than one type of material cannot be recycled and should be placed in your waste cart such as beverage cups.