Service Connection Permit

Beaumont Public Works new Service Connection Permit Process becomes effective April 8, 2019.

Highlights of requirements:

  • This was formally known as a Water and Sewer Inspection.
  • All Water & Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Connections will require a Permit before work can begin. This will be called a Service Connection Permit
  • Permit application must be submitted a minimum of five (5) business days before the Contractor intends to begin installation
  • There will be two options for inspections:
    • City of Beaumont Inspection, or
    • Quick-Trench Program Inspection
  • The City of Beaumont Inspection will now be completed in a two part inspection.
    • Water and Sanitary Sewer to be inspected initially before the foundation inspection. 
      • A portion of the Storm Sewer may also be inspected at this time as well.
    • Storm inspection will be fully completed after foundation inspection.
      • Storm connections will be inspected and documented up to riser at foundation.

We have provided you with our draft information to allow time for you to become familiar with our new requirements and the established timelines.  

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for Beaumont Service Connection Permit and Inspection Guidelines

  1. Summary
  2. Standards and Guidelines
  3. Permit Application

Types of Inspections:

City of Beaumont Inspection

  • Two (2) Business days’ notice is required to arrange for an inspection. Please call 780-929-4300 to book an inspection, quoting approved “Service Connection Permit Number.”
  • Fees may apply for cancelled, changed or missed inspections; refer to Bylaw 936-18 Schedule “A” Fees and Charges.
  • Contractors will be required to uncover any work installed and backfilled without approval.
  • A member of Beaumont Water and Wastewater Services must be present to inspect all work.
  • Contractor must be present at time of inspection.

Quick-Trench Program Inspection

  • This program allows an approved contractor to complete installation of the water, sewer, and storm services without requiring Beaumont Water and Wastewater Services to be present. The contractor will submit completed inspection reports with attached pictures to Beaumont for review within three (3) business days of connection being completed.
  • See Quick-Trench Rules and Guidelines for more information.
  • Click here to refer to a flow chart.