Water Distribution

Beaumont's Water is Safe for Drinking

Recent media reports have focused on the levels of lead in drinking water in Canadian communities. The City of Beaumont regularly tests and monitors drinking water in the city’s distribution system for quality and contaminants, including lead. All tests have shown lead levels to be several times below the maximum concentration in Canadian drinking water guidelines. Water distributed through Beaumont’s system continues to meet or exceed federal guidelines and is safe to drink.

For questions about Beaumont’s drinking water, please contact Water and Wastewater Services at (780) 929-4306.

Upcoming Changes to Drinking Water

EPCOR is the water provider for the City of Beaumont. On March 20, 2023, EPCOR will add orthophosphate to its water treatment process to protect residents from water pipe corrosion and lead in drinking water. When water leaves the treatment plant, no lead is found in it. However, lead can be released into the drinking water through lead pipes and other household plumbing fixtures.

Not to worry, though! Orthophosphate is tasteless, odorless, and safe. Moreover, phosphate is naturally found in foods like bread, cheese, fruits, and nuts. It is also a common additive in beverages.

To learn more, click HERE or email orthophosphate@epcor.com.