Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Many different user groups such as hockey, lacrosse, football, and more attend our facilities throughout the year bringing lots of exposure to your business through advertising utilizing the City of Beaumont’s Media Kit.

The BSRC and KNRRC facilities host tournaments with a number of recreational user groups on a weekly basis throughout the year drawing people from around the province. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise and let the players and viewers know of your local business presence.

Please review our Corporate Sponsorship, Naming Rights and Advertising Policy for full details on guidelines when it comes to advertising and marketing opportunities within Beaumont.

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Advertising Opportunities

Focused on growth, innovation and technology, the City of Beaumont has become the 5th fastest growing community in Canada. We are the ideal place to live, work and play - with spirit. We have tons of advertising opportunities thanks to our brand new recreation centre, which includes an NHL size arena, fitness centre, The Arch Climbing Centre and other great amenities.  

Why advertise with us? 

  1. We have a wide and diverse audience across different user groups giving you fantastic reach
  2. Our residents and visitors range from all sorts of demographic targets
  3. From rink boards to Zamboni wraps, we have plenty of mediums to cater to your needs
  4. We offer cost effective packages to help you get the best bang for your buck
  5. We are your one stop shop providing printing and installation (all we need is your design/digital files)

2024 Media Kit Coming Soon