Weeds & Unsightly Property Program


Beaumont has a proactive Weeds and Unsightly Property Program (WUPP) that runs year-round and is ramped up during the summer months.

The program is in place, as it is in the interest of all residents to reduce nuisance in general and to regulate untidy and unsightly premises; especially regarding weeds and debris. The program helps Beaumont to clear up a wide variety of concerns and there is the option of having the work completed by a contractor at the property owner's expense in the circumstance of non-compliance.

Please be proactive about controlling prohibited noxious and noxious weeds that may be on your property. Weeds need to be controlled and/or removed according to the Province of Alberta Weed Control Act. A healthy lawn can prevent the establishment of most weeds, as can selecting plants native to our area that are not invasive.

Please note that it might take more than one cutting or require other measures per growing season when attempting to control or remove the weeds on your property.

How to dispose of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds:

  • Noxious and prohibited weeds must be bagged and tied closed to prevent seeds from spreading & put into the grey waste carts
  • Noxious and prohibited noxious weeds cannot be put into the green organics carts as the invasive weed species can spread aggressively during transportation and processing at the composting facility
  • If you have large quantities of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds, please take them to a landfill for disposal (landfill charges will apply)

If you have any questions, please call City of Beaumont Municipal Enforcement at 780.851.9992.

Please note: failure to control or remove noxious and prohibited weeds may result in homeowners receiving a notice from the City of Beaumont.