Cart Placement

Cart placement 2

Front Street Collection

  • Place your cart on the street either in front of the sidewalk or in front of your driveway. The wheels must be touching the edge of the gutter with the cart facing forward, away from your home.Cart1
  • Ensure carts, blue bags and parked vehicles are at least 1 meter apart from each other. In some cul-de-sacs, this distance may need to be increased to accommodate the turning radius of the collection truck.
  • Place your blue bags on the boulevard or street so that they are easily accessible for the collection team. 
  • All carts and blue bags must be curbside by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Cart lids must be closed completely or else they may not be collected.
  • Report any missed or damaged carts as soon as possible following your collection day.

Back Lane Collection 

  • Place your cart at the edge of the lane on the driveway or parking pad with blue bags 1 meter away from the carts.
  • Keep at least 1 meter clear on all sides of the carts, and above them.


Additional Recommendations

Place carts and blue bags out the night before your scheduled collection day. If you have large boxes to recycling, break them down and place them under your blue bags at the curb.

Cart Placement Tips