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Special Permission Permit Application


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  • Special Permission Permit Process

    1. An approved Special Permission Permit (SPP) is required before an event/activity may take place on City-owned property (i.e. parks, roads, parking lots, green spaces).  An approved SPP is also required for the relaxation of a city bylaw. Examples: festivals, races, private block parties, parades, noise allowance, filming, increase to allowable number of pets (pet breeders) etc. 

      The SPP application has a 2-step approval process. 

      Step 1. After receiving a complete application and upon approval by city departments, applicants may receive a tentative approval which will outline additional requirements to be satisfied before the date included on the application.

      Step 2. Once all requirements are satisfied, final approval for the SPP may be provided and the event/activity/permission may proceed.

      Due diligence is required to ensure the event/activity/permission is safe, properly planned and that insurance/additional permit requirements are met. Depending on scope of the application, processing may take up to 8 weeks. 

      Average processing time is 7-10 business days once a COMPLETE APPLICATION has been received.

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