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  1. Chantal Bérubé Memorial Fund Youth of the Month Nomination Form

    The Youth of the Month award is an honour presented to a youth who is either a resident of or student in Beaumont between the ages of... More…

FCSS Forms

  1. Good Neighbour Nomination Form

    Beaumont’s Good Neighbour program aims to recognize those individuals who contribute to a safe, inclusive, and warm community. Nominate... More…

Operations Forms

  1. Locate Request
  1. Water Sampling Registration

    If you received a direct mailer for the Beaumont Water Sampling program, please fill out the form below. Once received, our Operations... More…


  1. Encroachment on Municipal Roadways
  1. Special Permission Permit Application

    An approved Special Permission Permit (SPP) is required before an event/activity may take place on City-owned property (i.e. parks,... More…