What determines the street-clearing schedule?
Snow clearing in Beaumont begins on priority roads after an accumulation of 2 to 5 centimeters of snow. This takes place primarily during the week. Neighbourhood clearing is not typically done on the weekends as this is the time when most vehicles are parked on the roadways due to people being home from work or visiting guests. The abundance of parked vehicles makes it difficult for snow clearing equipment to pass through.

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1. Which streets are the first to be maintained?
2. What determines the street-clearing schedule?
3. Why does it seem to take a long time for certain streets to be cleared?
4. Why can’t the plow lift the blade at my driveway? I just cleared it of snow and now the plow has blocked my driveway with snow again.
5. Why are cul-de-sacs cleared last?
6. Where does all the snow go?
7. What type of equipment do we have?
8. How many staff work on snow removal? How many hours per week are allocated to snow?