What else has Beaumont done on this project?
In 2015, we surveyed residents to determine what their preferred use would be for the site. Residents indicate both a field house and an arena were needed. We hired consultants in 2015 to do a site feasibility study to determine if an arena/field house would fit on the site. It was confirmed that the site could accommodate both of these facilities.

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1. What’s happening with the lands adjacent to the Aqua-Fit Centre?
2. What are the next steps in the process going forward?
3. When was the idea of a Phase 2 at the Aqua-Fit Centre initially discussed?
4. What will be built on the site?
5. Why would these recreation facilities be built on this site and not another larger site in the annexation area that could accommodate additional recreation facilities?
6. How much will it cost?
7. What else has Beaumont done on this project?
8. What will happen to the temporary dog park?
9. When will a decision be made?
10. How can I make my views known?
11. How do I get more information?