How much will it cost?
Preliminary estimates indicate the facility could cost in the neighbourhood of $30 million. This is just an estimate for the capital costs of the project. A detailed cost analysis including ongoing operational costs will be completed prior to the final design is approved by Council. If the project proceeds, we will continue exploring federal and provincial funding opportunities.

During the 2016 Budget Adjustments in April/May 2016, Council approved $2.4 million to develop a concept plan and create a detailed design and analysis of Aqua-Fit Phase 2. Once the detailed design is completed the project will be considered “shovel ready.” The next step following the detailed design will be budget approval to initiate construction.

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1. What’s happening with the lands adjacent to the Aqua-Fit Centre?
2. What are the next steps in the process going forward?
3. When was the idea of a Phase 2 at the Aqua-Fit Centre initially discussed?
4. What will be built on the site?
5. Why would these recreation facilities be built on this site and not another larger site in the annexation area that could accommodate additional recreation facilities?
6. How much will it cost?
7. What else has Beaumont done on this project?
8. What will happen to the temporary dog park?
9. When will a decision be made?
10. How can I make my views known?
11. How do I get more information?