What are the next steps in the process going forward?
  • August 23, 2016: Council approved a Project Charter (conceptual and detail design) for the Aqua-Fit Phase 2 that defines the scope of the project; the approval processes; project schedule, communications and to identify and analyze project risks and mitigation strategies.
  • November 2016: Town Engaged BR2 Architecture after a competitive RFP process.
  • December 2016 to March 2017: Town Staff and BR2 are working towards reconfirm information on work completed to-date, work with users / public to develop up to 3 high-level schematic designs for Council consideration and to move forward with conceptual design.
  • March 20, 22, 27, 2017: BR2, Focus Communications and Town Staff hosted Community Public Open house Input Meetings.
  • March 28, 2017: Council will select the preferred option for conceptual design phase of the project.
  • March to July / August 2017: Complete conceptual and detailed design to the building permit stage (shovel ready project).
  • Fall 2017: Council will consider the budget request for the Aqua-Fit based on the detailed design moving forward. There will significant opportunity for the public and users to comment on the project throughout the process.

Project Charter Document (PDF).

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1. What’s happening with the lands adjacent to the Aqua-Fit Centre?
2. What are the next steps in the process going forward?
3. When was the idea of a Phase 2 at the Aqua-Fit Centre initially discussed?
4. What will be built on the site?
5. Why would these recreation facilities be built on this site and not another larger site in the annexation area that could accommodate additional recreation facilities?
6. How much will it cost?
7. What else has Beaumont done on this project?
8. What will happen to the temporary dog park?
9. When will a decision be made?
10. How can I make my views known?
11. How do I get more information?