What are some projects that have been funded in the past?

Grants have supported many wonderful projects and initiatives within the community including:

  • Community events (Beaumont Night Market, Rural Roots Fair, Black History Month celebrations, various sports tournaments)
  • New and growing organizations (Triton Swimming expanding into competitive swimming, Beaumont Men’s Shed becoming established in the community)
  • Development or renovation of community facilities (Champs Vallee Park and outdoor gathering space, St. Jacques Heritage House, Four Seasons baseball fields)
  • Outreach to those needing support in the community (Good Harvest Surplus and Beaumont Nisku Christmas Elves addressing food insecurity, Drive Happiness providing transportation for seniors) 
  • Artist development (specialized arts workshops and training, community performances (plays, recitals, and concerts)
  • Youth athlete support (purchase of hockey rink board dividers & football helmets)

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1. How do I apply for a Beaumont Municipal Grant?
2. Can we apply more than once? In the same grant stream? To more than one grant stream?
3. When will recipients be notified?
4. Why is there a “general application form” now?
5. What are some projects that have been funded in the past?
6. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
7. I/We applied for a grant, but my/our application was unsuccessful. Can I/we apply again?
8. I have questions about the specific application forms.
9. What is the benefit of speaking with the grant administrator?
10. What are some common reasons that applications are unsuccessful?
11. We’ve received this grant for this same event/initiative in the past. This means we will get grant funding again this year, right?
12. Can our project be a fundraiser?
13. How are applications evaluated?
14. For the Community Grants, is participating in the optional Q & A worthwhile?
15. How should we prepare to use our time for the 10-minute Q & A?
16. Should we have a slideshow or handouts for this 10-minute Q & A?
17. Can we include the volunteer hours our board puts in throughout the year as part of our contributions?
18. Our event took place right before the application deadline. Can we apply for grant funding?
19. Does our organization need to be based in Beaumont to be eligible for this grant?
20. Can we apply for a project that will take more than a year to complete?
21. How much money should we request?
22. Why do we need to submit a list of board members, financial statements and our last filed annual general return as part of our application?
23. We are still waiting on our annual return to come back from corporate registries. What should we submit?
24. We only received partial funding – what do we do with that?
25. How do we accept or decline the funding that is offered? Are we penalized if we decline?
26. What if our project changes after we are awarded grant funding?