How does the outline plan amendment process work?

Step 1: Application Submission

The Planning and Development department accepts planning application submissions from applicants to amend statutory or non-statutory plans in Beaumont. The applicant will submit their proposed plans and rationale to the City, along with any required supporting studies or reports.

Step 2: Application Referral 

The City will send notification of the planning application to adjacent property owners, as well as internal departments and external agencies, such as utilities companies and provincial ministries. Feedback received will form part of the land use analysis and evaluation to improve the application, which may include an update to the application.

Step 3: Application Considerations

The assigned city planner considers all feedback received when making a recommendation to City Council on the plan amendment. In some situations, if there are significant changes to the application, the application may be referred to adjacent property owners and other departments and agencies again for more feedback.

Step 4: Public Hearing 

The public will have an opportunity to attend a non-statutory public hearing and speak directly to City Council regarding this proposed plan amendment. The notice of this non-statutory public hearing will be mailed to adjacent property owners, published in the La Nouvelle Beaumont News newspaper, and posted on the City of Beaumont website. 

More information on how to submit a written or verbal statement will be supplied on the notice.

After the non-statutory public hearing, City Council will consider the plan amendment application.

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