What is the Clean Energy Improvement Program?

The Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) is a program that provides property owners in participating municipalities in Alberta access to low-cost financing to make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to their properties. CEIP is an “opt-in” program, where property owners can apply to be approved to participate. Participating property owners repay the financed amount through their property taxes over a period of time. 

The program’s aim is to increase the installation of green upgrades to reduce the use of energy and reduce impacts to the environment; eligible upgrades include furnaces, windows, solar panels, insulation, and more. CEIP is administered by Alberta Municipalities, which is a not-for-profit association that represents and provides services to municipalities in Alberta. 

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1. What is the Clean Energy Improvement Program?
2. When is CEIP Expected to Launch in Beaumont?
3. How does CEIP work?
4. Has Beaumont passed the required bylaw to participate in CEIP?
5. When are details specific to the Beaumont CEIP program going to be released to the public?
6. Where can I find more information on CEIP?