Is the LSS swim program of the same quality as the Red Cross program?

Lifesaving Society and the Red Cross are currently the top two recognized Swimming and Water Safety programs and lifeguarding governing bodies in Canada. The Lifesaving Society will continue to be a leader in helping all participants become successful swimmers, instructors, and lifeguards.

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1. How do I know what level my child will be in?
2. When will the transition be happening?
3. What are the differences between the Red Cross lessons and Lifesaving Society lessons?
4. Are there any changes to class length?
5. Are private lessons and semi-private lessons still going to be available?
6. What are the costs for Lifesaving Society lessons?
7. Will there still be report cards for Lifesaving Society lessons?
8. What are the age ranges for the Lifesaving Society levels?
9. What do we do with the current Red Cross report cards we have?
10. Where can I find information about what will be taught in Lifesaving Society Swim for Life lessons?
11. Why is the transition happening?
12. Is the LSS swim program of the same quality as the Red Cross program?
13. Is there still a focus to work on proper skills and water safety in Lifesaving Society lessons or is it all just for the purpose of building up to be a lifeguard and instructor?
14. Is there going to still be something in Lifesaving Society lessons for my child who has finished Swim Kids 10 in Red Cross?
15. Are there still going to be Adult/Teen swimming lessons?
16. Will there still be Adapted Lessons? Is the process still the same for registering for them if so?