What are your childcare ratios?

Child Mind follows, as a base, the Province of Alberta’s Child Care Licensing Act Child Care Licensing Regulation’s ratios. Each infant less than 20 months old counts as 2 children when counting ratios. Each child above 20 months counts as 1. Each staff member can work within a ratio of 1:6. 

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1. What qualifications do Child Minding staff have?
2. What are your childcare ratios?
3. How does someone buy a punch pass?
4. What is the check-in process?
5. Can I bring food?
6. Do I need to stay in BSRC building?
7. Are there COVID rules?
8. What is being done to lower transmission risk?
9. Are masks required in the Child Minding room?
10. Is Child Mind included with a membership?
11. What ages can go to Child Mind?
12. Do I need to pre-register?
13. What items do I need to bring?
14. What are the hours of operation for Child Mind?